And We're Back

The site has been down for a couple of months while I dealt with a harddrive failure...

I usually run my personal sites and projects off a Linux VM running on VirtualBox on desktop sitting in the corner of my office. For the second time in as many years that machine has had a harddrive crash that left me scrambling to recover the VM image off a dying drive.

No more.

I've finally woken up to the reality that it's 2016 and realized I could have a vm in the cloud for less than the cost of a overpriced cup of coffee per month. With the added benefit of a team of 24/7 technicians have to worry about keeping it running instead of me.

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Themes. Have some.

I've been working on a new theme for the site.

I borrowed heavily from the Handlebars files from the default Ghost theme Casper, but the I decided to kill two learnin' birds with one stone on the CSS. I'm using SASS for the first time as well as building a mobile-first, responsive layout from scratch without Bootstrap or anything.

Also, I was previously managing my Ghost processes with screen, but have since switched to Supervisor so I can handle restarts and possible Ghost/node.js crashes more gracefully.

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Hang Tight

I'm just settling in here, so there's not much going on.

The last time I touched this domain was back in 2008-09 when I rolled my own blogging webapp using CodeIgniter. Things got pretty hectic and work and never really slowed down. It still hasn't slowed down but I'm tired of seeing my last submission from '09 sitting there taunting me, so here we are.

This time I decided not to reinvent the wheel so I installed Ghost. What you see so far is the result of half an hour of a PHP guy wrangling a node.js app into submission.

Let's see what happens.

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