Brent Kelly
2045 Olvey Dr
Mandeville, LA 70448


To find a position in a progressive technology company or department focusing on use of modern technology, innovation, and creativity, and to work alongside other people who are passionate about what they do.

Core Skills

Auxiliary Skills

Familiar Techonologies

Current Status

Senior Applications Developer (2015- Present)
Susco Solutions
710 Papworth Avenue
Metairie, LA 70005

Senior developer in charge of analysis, design, estimation, management, and execution of software projects. Projects primarily implemented in a software stack consisting of C# (MVC to serve up the client, Web API to handle web service calls, and PetaPoco ORM for data access), Kendo UI for the interface and data binding, and Apache Cordova / Ionic Framework for mobile.

Employment History

Software Developer (2002-2015)
Worley Catastrophe Response - Technology Division
PO Box 249
Hammond, LA 70404

Began work at Worley as one of the founding members of the company’s technology division where we had to wear many hats: design, development, and maintenance of the company’s personnel and claims management software, deployment and administration of various systems such as email, web, network storage, as well as desktop support and troubleshooting.

Since then the company had grown enormously and the technology division has since segmented and specialized allowing me to focus more on software development. I was responsible for applications that provided the following:

The vast majority of this was written in PHP using Zend Framework and PostgreSQL for storage. I maintained many of these systems for 10+ years, and in later years focused more on providing the responsive UI that users have come to expect from modern web applications.

Programmer/Analyst (2001-2002)
DataSolve Inc.
New Orleans, LA 70122
2021 Lakeview Drive

Development, maintenance, and project management for new and preexisting database applications for a wide range of clients. Involved in all phases of development for client side and web based applications.

Responsible for development of networked Point of Sale system and accompanying backoffice suite for a large retail chain using Visual Basic 6 and SQL Server.

Responsible for development and maintenance of all of the firm’s clients’ custom web applications ranging from E-Commerce sites, CMS, and CRM solutions using ASP and SQL Server.

Programmer/Analyst (2000-2001)
VectorMath LLC
3445 North Causeway Blvd., Ste. 301
Metairie, LA 70002

Developing and managing database oriented software. Responsible for all phases of project development, from analysis through roll out. Responsible for client relations on assigned projects. Administration of company’s internal Linux network.

Sample Project History

VIP Tracking (2017-2018)

The client was an event planning company. We were tasked with building a system to track vehicles through various third party APIs, and to optionally send text messages to hosts when VIPs were within a defined time of arriving to a venue.
This was built using C#/.NET, Kendo UI Web App, and Azure WebJobs that call out to various vehicle location APIs (TeleTrack, TrackNet, etc) and using the Google Distance Matrix API to determine approximate ETA to destination considering current traffic conditions, and SMS notifications via Twillio. They could schedule and manage trips in the web app. They could alsotrack the vehicles via a live map in the web app and a mobile app (Android and iOS app written in Cordova/Ionic Framework).

Neighborhood Security (2016-2017)

The client was a private security detail charged with patrol of, and response to, incidents that occur in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
I was responsible for development, and management of a team that developed, the software used in reporting and responding to incidents. This included an Admin Web App and API (written in C#/.NET/Kendo UI) and two mobile apps (both written in Cordova/Ionic Framework). One mobile app was used by the public to report incidents, along with pictures and geolocation information. The other was used by the officers to receive, respond to, and manage incidents reported by the public. The Admin Web App was used to report on incidents, view a map of incidents and officer locations in real time, as well as reporting on past incidents and officer locations and their routes.

Reimbursable Expenses Program (2012-2013)

I was Responsible for implementing reimbursable expenses program in public facing portal that allowed insurance adjusters to enter expenses they incurred while working on catastrophe events. They could enter the type of expense, the dollar amount, and number of miles (if mileage), along with notes. They could also enter beginning and ending zip codes that would use Google's geocoding service to sanity check the mileage between the two zip codes and mileage entered. It also allowed them to upload scanned documentation and receipts as proof. This system included a queue for supervisors to go through and approve or reject the submitted expenses. If accepted, our custom payroll solution would then consider the accepted amount as expense reimbursement and not deduct income tax or payroll tax for that amount from their paycheck. This was implemented in PHP/Zend Framework using the Propel ORM over a PostgreSQL database).

Gulf Cost Claims Facility (2010 - 2012)

The GCCF was established to receive and process claims by individuals and businesses for costs and damages as a result of the oil discharges from the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon incident.

While my company was first hired to simply supply adjusters for the claims process, the technology division quickly rose to the challenge of supplying process and software to manage claims, claimant data and documentation, and to track the distribution of funds.

Louisiana Road Home Program (2006 - 2015)

The Road Home program is designed to provide compensation to Louisiana homeowners affected by Hurricanes Katrina or Rita for the damage to their homes.

Again, initially brought on to supply manpower for home inspections, our technology division filled a void by shoring up a faltering inspection process. We built a custom web application to manage, calculate, report, and export property inspection data that quickly took over management of the program’s entire inspection process (all written in PHP with PostgreSQL database). A client side application was also created to synchronize data from pre-existing inspection software in the field back to the web application (written in C++ using Qt GUI communicating with the web app via XML).


University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA 70122
Three Semesters Years Attended
Computer Science

Riverdale High School Jefferson, LA 70121
High School Diploma Years Attended
College Prep and General Curriculum, Yearbook Staff and Drama Club.


Upon Request